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The majority of children and young people grow at a normal rate, with their final height being determined by their inherited genetic make-up and level of nutrition. Younger children (up to the age of two) grow by around 9cm each year, with older children continuing to grow at a rate of around 6cm a year until they reach puberty. All children are slightly different, with growth taking place at varying rates as they continue to develop. Occasionally children do not grow as much as their peers for various reasons, leading them to appear small for their age. Often they will purchase genotropin to speed up this growth.

Some children were born shorter than average and continue to exhibit a slow rate of growth as they get older. Other children may be suffering from a Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) or have a condition such as Turner Syndrome which can lead to short stature if not treated. To treat the problem of diminished growth, scientists have developed a synthetic version of the growth hormone, known as Genotropin.

Both adults who have GHD due to damage to their pituitary gland and children who aren’t growing at a normal rate can purchase genotropin with a prescription by an appropriately qualified medical professional. Administered through a daily injection, the most convenient method of ensuring the correct dosage of Genotropin is given each day is through the use of a Genotropin Pen.

Available with the choice of several brightly coloured Geno-caps, the Pen consists of a front cap and needle cap which covers the needle. The needle is connected to a disposable cartridge, which is covered by a removable panel whilst the Pen is in use. A dose display and dose panel ensures the correct amount of medication is taken each time. The dose is administered by pressing the release button and injection knob at the end of the Pen. Designs are available which can accommodate either a 0.1ml or a 0.2ml daily dose.


The Pen has several advantages, including a digital display which enables users to check that they have the right amount of Genotropin in the pen. The medicine can be mixed inside the pen, which should be kept in the fridge to ensure the optimal condition of the medicine. A needle guard is provided which helps keep the Genotropin Pen stable during the injection process. The design of the pen ensures an accurate dose is administered each day and makes the dosing procedure as trouble-free as possible. Initially a medical professional will demonstrate how to use the Genotropin Pen, after which the majority of patients and/or their carers are able to administer the correct dosage themselves. The Pen enables people taking Genotropin to do so in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, fitting the treatment regime into their daily routine with minimal disruption.

The Genotropin Pen uses disposable needles and comes in a robust protective case where it can be safely stored in between uses. Made from durable materials which are designed for medical use, the Pen doesn’t require any cumbersome sterilisation between uses, or any difficult maintenance. The design of the Pen is such that very little can go wrong with it, whilst the digital display helps ensure that the right amount of Genotropin is dispensed on each occasion that the Pen is used. As treating GHD is often a lengthy process, the Genotropin Pen provides a sustainable treatment method which is extremely user-friendly.

If a suitably qualified medical practitioner recommends Genotropin as the best treatment for a lack of growth, then the Genotropin Pen is one of the most effective and straight-forward methods of administering the required dose.